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Church Marriages - Cypriots


Instructions for marriage license between Christians Orthodox

For marriage license between two Christians Orthodox needed the following documents:

  1. Identity Cards and Passports
  2. Birth certificate.
  3. Certificates of Thalassemia, issued by the Government Hospitals.
  4. Certificates of Freedom. The certificate of freedom should be issued from the place of birth of the person, unless if the mother is a refugee, and then should be issued by "Mitropolis".
  5. Juror statement. This is required if one of the persons travelled abroad and remained through the period beyond 6 months or as long as the priest who will issue the Certificate of Freedom does not know the person.
  6. Written parental consent if one or both parties are minors. In such case they need the confirmation of Bishop.
  7. Mutual consent. Prepared by the priest and need to be signed by the parties.
  8. Certificate for marriage license. Issued by the priest.
  9. Certificate of courtyard.
  10. Payment to the church of the area that the bride belongs if the marriage will be committed to another church.
  11. Both parties should be 18 years old and up. In any case, the man should not be older than the woman over 12 years or otherwise the woman should not be older than the man over 6 years. Otherwise, is needed the approval of the Bishop.
  12. For anything not provided in the above instructions, interested parties should be addressed to the Office of the marriage license.
  13. Afterwards the marriage, the couple can make application for Marriage Grant from the Social Insurances. Visit the web page of Social Insurances for more information


  1. All Wednesdays and Fridays except those permitted to eat meat.
  2. From the Friday of "Tirinis" until Easter Sunday, both dates inclusive.
  3. The 5th and 6th of January, Epiphany day.
  4. From the 1st until the 14th of August, both dates including.
  5. On 29th of August, St. John the Baptist day.
  6. On 14th of September, Day of the World Rise of Holy Cross.
  7. Of the 13th until 25th of December, both date inclusive.