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Divas Diamond & Melin Paris Cyprus

Divas Diamond Presents the ultimate diamond collection through decades of hand-made diamond jewellery experience of its founders and offers an exciting selection of fine handmade diamond jewellery. Our diamonds inherit “Guarantee Certificate” and our designers work closely with our boutique production team to ensure beautiful designs for every occasion and budget.Divas Diamond's Fast Fashion Jewellery collections have reached over 30 countries worldwide, from Paris to Dubai, London to Sydney. Divas Diamond envisions the perfect daily jewellery experience for all occasions Our all handmade "Smart Jewelleries" are designed by international artists. Trend-setting lines are transformed into reality by our Design Center and Diamond Laboratories. Diamonds, precious coloured stones, Gold, Silver and creative touch of designers are the main elements of these breathtaking jewelleries.We are dedicated to provide our customers the best possible quality and meaningful pieces.
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Our Satisfaction Guarantee. When you purchase a diamond gift from Divas Diamond you will receive a Divas Certificate. This states the characteristics of your product thereby ensuring your satisfaction guarantee. If the diamond characteristics are found not to be as stated on your certificate we will accept the return of your jewellery and provide you with a full credit or replace the diamond with a diamond that meets or exceeds the characteristics as stated on the certificate.Your Divas Diamond certificate inherits a unique identity number. This individual number allows us to trace your diamond's history from source to the finished result. At our group we value the Kimberley Process and support Fair Trade and therefore you can rest assured that your diamond comes from a legitimate source. Using the Divas Diamond identity number we are also able to identify the master craftsman who cut and polished the diamond, bringing it to life, and the skilled goldsmith responsible for showcasing its beauty in a timeless design.
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61. Arch. Makarios III Avenue, Amani building 1070
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City : Nicosia
Telephone : (+357) 22757545
Fax : (+357) 22269649
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