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Wedding ... Smile ! How to get the best smile for the day of your wedding !

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Your wedding day is approaching! And you want everything to be perfect.  Your looks will be the talk of the day and grab all the attention! You want nothing to spoil this beautiful moment! 
You have already taken care of all the details about your hair and makeup and you keep on thinking about the photographs. You are worried that your smile is not bright enough, and that little crooked tooth might destroy all the magic. How will they not see the discolouration or that chipped tooth you’ve got? Your wedding picture are going to follow you for the rest of your life.  You want to look at your best and everyone to say you are the most beautiful bride they have ever seen.  
What can you do to have the beautiful smile you always wanted in time for your wedding? How much time do you need and what are the best treatments available? 
Dr. Anna Maria Yiannikos dental surgeon and a specialist in lasers and cosmetic dentistry answered all these questions for you and gave us all the information you need so you can make the right choice! Here is what she told us:  “I totally understand future brides! What bothers us in our appearance is a personal matter and we definitely don’t want to also worry about that in one of our most special moments. As a woman I can understand how important this day is and what a difference your smile can make. Surely I wouldn’t want yellow teeth or a crooked smile in my wedding photos. It is important to do what makes you feel good and what allows you to be comfortable with your appearance and look your best!  
The amazing thing is that as far as your dream smile is concerned there are many great solutions to choose from!  
My wedding gift for you will be all the questions I’ve had from future brides the past 24 years of practicing in my clinic. I have collected all the information here for you as well as the time required for each procedure. This way I am here to assist you in making the right choice and teach you which the most appropriate procedure is for you pending also on the results you want to have. 
Below are the 3 most common and useful questions.  If the below material does not completely cover your request I am always here for you! You can contact me directly at my personal email account or reach out for more info through our website. 
Question 1: When must I visit the dentist?   Answer: One year before your wedding is the best time to visit your dentist. You can request a consultation appointment so together you can discus and choose the most suitable choice for you. If you don’t not have this availability as your wedding day is nearby I would definitely recommend to contact us dentists as soon as possible so we can help you and see together in the time we have the most suitable treatment for you! 
Question 2: I have yellow teeth, which treatment do you recommend?  Answer:  If the problem is only the colour of the teeth I would definitely recommend a whitening treatment. It will do the magic so you can have the bright and white smile you want. To achieve best outcome I recommend for the whitening treatment to be completed a month before the wedding so the colour is perfect on your wedding day.   If other than the colour you phase problems like crooked teeth that you don’t want to put braces to straighten, we dentist after analysing your smile we symmetrically design the treatment of facings that will allow you to hide the crooked teeth. What are facings? 
Facings are the latest method of permanent restoration and are the best solution for problems such as: chipped/ broken/ crooked teeth, gaps discolourations and teeth that their colour has darken due to old fillings or decay.  The construction material is Emax (ceramic material that has the ability to give amazing colour shades that give us the same physical effect as teeth.)  In the case you wish to proceed with this treatment you need 1,5 months before your wedding so that after you complete your whitening treatment ( 15 days duration of treatment and 15 days for the colour to be stabilized = 1 month) you can begin the restoration with facings for which you will need only 2 visits within 7-10 days.         
Question 3: When I smile my gums show too much and my teeth look very small. What can I I do to make my smile more natural? 
Answer:  An excellent solution for this problem is crown lengthening!  With the assistance of laser within only 1 session we can correct the gum line without pain or discomfort (we need to wait a month before starting next treatment) and then correct the size of your teeth by using again facings with Emax due to as previously mentioned this is the material that gives as the same effect and color shades as natural teeth.  
Remember improving your smile must not only make you look prettier but also must come into to harmony with the rest of your features. The restoration must be undetectable and look completely natural!  
To summarize, I would like to emphasize and assure you that changing your smile will change your life, embellishing and enhancing the most special and beautiful day, the day of your wedding! Close your dental appointment now! If you have questions or comments, contact me at annamaria@yiannikosdental.com  and I will be happy to serve you!

Website: www.yiannikosdental.com

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